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About Logistiqua

LOGISTIQUA is an international scientific event that was born in the south shore of the Mediterranean in 2008. Throughout the nine previous editions, it has forged a personal image and personality.

LOGISTIQUA aims to bring together researchers belonging to research groups and university laboratories as well as professionals working in companies and public and private organizations interested in deepening the reflection and research in Supply Chain Management & logistics around the world.

Over the years, LOGISTIQUA has continued to broaden its focus and opens up to related disciplines such as quality, industrial engineering and information systems.

Themes and fields of Logistiqua

Axis 1 : Logistics & Organisation

  • The logistics function in the organization
  • Logistics and strategic management
  • Innovation & logistics
  •  Management of functional interfaces
  • Industrial and Logistics Engineering
  • Logistics and financial performance
  • Human Resources Logistics
  •  Logistics of production systems
  • Management control applied to logistics

Axis 3 : Supply chain management (SCM)

  • Company alliances, partnership and networks
  • Purchasing and procurement Logistics
  • PLM/SCM interdependence
  • Pooling management and sharing in  SC
  • Management of organizational interfaces
  • Supply chain coordination
  • Supplier relation management
  • Traceability and management of the cold chain
  • International logistics and globalization
  • Integrated Logistics Management
  • Management of distribution networks
  • Design and optimization of logistics networks

Axis 5 : Sectoral logistics

  • Urban logistics
  • Logistics of energy products
  • Logistics of retailing 
  • Logistics of food products
  • Hospital logistics
  • Logistics services

Axis 7 : Environment of the company    

  • Jobs of logistics
  • Logistics and  et media
  • Logistics and  infrastructures
  • Logistics and  hazardous materials

Axis 2 : Transport & Logistics

  • Regulation of transport
  • Road safety
  • Transit
  • Multimodal/combined transport
  • Carriers organizations
  • Urban, interurban and international transport
  • Transport infrastructures

Axis 4 : Logistics processes

  • Logistics definitions and boundaries
  • Information systems (ERP, SAP, EDI)
  • Logistics history and evolution
  • Comparative Approaches (sectors, SME …)
  • Logistics performance
  • Operations planning
  • Inventory management and procurement
  • Warehousing and plateforms

Axis 6 : E-logistics

  • E-Commerce
  • M-Commerce
  • Info logistics solutions

Axis 8: Logistics and sustainable development

  • Logistics and territory
  • Logistics and ecology
  • Green logistics
  • Logistique et society
  • Reverse logistics





Historic /List of previous editions of the LOGISTIQUA symposium

1st edition 28-29 May 2008 EST of Fez Morocco
2nd edition 21-22 May 2009 EST of Safi Morocco
3rd edition 20-21 May 2010 ENCG of Agadir Morocco
4th edition 31 May and 1-3 June 2011 Hammamet Tunisia
5th edition 24-25 May 2012 EMI of Rabat Morocco
6th edition 30-31 May 2013 ENSA of Tangier Morocco
7th edition 29-30 May 2014 EST of Fez Morocco
8th edition 27-28 May 2015 EST of Safi Morocco
9th edition 19-20 MAy 2016 EST of Berrechid Morocco
10th edition 27-28 April 2017 ENSIAS of Rabat Morocco

committee / Scientific committee

Hicham Abbad University of Nantes - France
Abdellah Abouabdellah UIT - ENSA - Kenitra
Sid-Ali Addouche University of Paris - France
Abdellah Ait Ouahman UCA - ENSA - Marrakech
Omar Akourri Abdelmalek Essaadi University - FST - Tangier
Driss Amegouz USMBA - EST - Fez
Burinskiene Aurelija Technical University of Vilnius Gediminas - Lithuania
Hamid Azzouzi Abdelmalek Essaadi University- FST - Tangier
Mohammedamine Balambo Ibn toufail University - Kenitra
Rahmani Belgacem HEC Montreal - Canada
Adil Bellabdaoui ENSIAS - Rabat
Abdellatif Benabdelhafid University of Havre - France
Saloua Benammou Faculty of Law and Economic and Political Sciences of Sousse - Tunisia
Brahim Benbba Abdelmalek Essaâdi University - ENCG
Khalid Benhida UCA - EST - Safi
Valerie Botta-Genoulaz INSA of Lyon - France
Driss Bouami UM5 - EMI - Rabat
Tasseda Boukherroub School of Higher Technology of Montreal- Canada
Ahmed Bouklata USMBA - EST - Fez
André-Max Boulanger University of Paris - France
Abderrazak Boumane Abdelmalek Essaadi University - ENSA
Mohamed Reda Britel UEA - ENSA - Tangier
Vanessa Casadella University of Picardie Jules Verne - France
Khalid Chafik UAE - ENCG - Tangier
Naoufel Cheikhrouhou Geneva School of Business Administration, HES-SO, University of Applied Sciences - Switzerland
Mohammed Dahane University of Lorraine - France
Mohamedmahjoub Dhiaf Business College - Emirates College of Technology - Abu Dhabis Émirats Arabes Unis
Bruno Durand University of Paris Nanterre - France
Abdellatif Eddakir USMBA - ENCG - Fez
Mohammed El Hammoumi USMBA - Morocco
Jamal Elbaz Ibn Zohr University
Zoubir Elfelsoufi Abdelmalek Essaadi University - FST - Tangier
M'a dit Elfezazi UCA - EST - Safi
Issmail Elhallaoui Polytechnic School of Montreal - Canada
Abderrazak Elhiri USMBA - FSJES - Fez
Mustapha Elkhayat AMLOG president
Bachir Elkihel UM1 - ENSA - OUJDA
Anderrahman Elmhamedi University of Paris - France
Julien Fondrevelle INSA of Lyon - France
Mohamed Fourka Abdelmalek Essaadi University - FST - Tanger
Abdul-Nour Georges Texas Tech Academy of Industrial Engineering - United States of America
Hichammohammed Hamri UIZ - ENCG - Agadir
Yasmina Hani University of Paris - France
Abdellah Houssaini Ibn Tofail University
Fouad Jawab Sidi Mohamed Ben AbdellahUniversity - Fez
Daouda Kamissoko Ecole des Mines of Albi-Carmaux - Guinea Conakry
Meriam Karaa university of Brest - France
Abdelhakim Khatab University of Lorraine - France
Youssef Lamariouh UAE - ENCG - Tangier
Myriam Lamolle University of Paris - France
Samir Lamouri Arts et Métiers ParisTech LAMIH - France
Saad Lissaneelhaq UH2 - ENSEM - Casablanca
Abdelouahid Lyhyaoui UAE - ENSA - Tangier
Mohammedamine M'Barki UAE - ENCG - Tangier
Karim Mazouli University of Paris - France
Aurélie Mercier University of Lyon - France
Rafaa Mraihi University of Manouba - Tunisia
Chafik Okar UH1 - Settat - EST Berchid
Mustapha Ouardouz Abdelmalek Essaadi University- FST - Tangier
Fatima Ouazzaniachahdi UM5 - FSJES - Rabat
Kamach Oulaid UAE - ENSA - Tangier
Gilles Pache Aix-Marseille University - France
Mohammed Radouani UMI - ENSAM - Meknes
Kamal Reklaoui UAE - FST - Tangier
Driss Sarsri Abdelmalek Essaadi University - ENSA - Tangier
Marie Sawadogo FONDATION 2iE - Burkina Faso
Abdelfettah Sedqui UAE - ENSA - Tangier
Naoufal Sefiani Abdelmalek EssaadiUniversity - FST
Aicha Sekhari Seklouli University of Lyon - France
Marie-Pascale Senkel university of Nantes - France
Mahjoub Sonia university of Nantes - France
Bérangère Lauren Szostak University of Lorraine - France
Abdennebi Talbi USMBA - EST - Fez
Touria Veronneau University of Paris - France
Adnan Yassine University of Havre - France
Ouafae Zeroualiouariti UIZ - ENCG - Agadir
Mina Amharref FST - Tangier
Abdes Samed Bernoussi FST - Tangier

Committees / Organizing committee

Conference Chair(s)

Pr.Mohamed FOURKA FST Tangier
Pr.Naoufal SEFIANI FST Tangier
Pr.Hamid AZZOUZI FST Tangier
Pr.Fouad JAWAB EST Fez

Program Committee

Pr.Mustapha OUARDOUZ FST Tangier
Pr.Hamid AZZOUZI FST Tangier
Pr.Naoufal SEFIANI FST Tangier
Pr.Abderrazak BOUMANE ENSA Tangier

Publication Committee

Pr.Mustapha OUARDOUZ FST Tangier
Pr.Naoufal SEFIANI FST Tangier
Pr.Hamid AZZOUZI FST Tangier
Pr.Abderrazak BOUMANE ENSA Tangier
Pr.Fouad JAWAB EST Fez

Sponsoring Committee

Pr.Hamid AZZOUZI FST Tangier
Pr.Kamal REKLAOUI FST Tangier
Pr.Mohamed FOURKA FST Tangier
Pr.Oualid KAMACH ENSA Tangier

Advertising and webmastering Committee


Submission / Important dates

Deadline of submission : 01/10/2017   01/11/2017
Acceptance of principle : 01/11/2017   15/11/2017
Submission of integral paper : 20/01/2018
Final acceptance and registration : 20/03/2018
Logistiqua'11 symposium : 26 and 27 April 2018

Submission / Instructions to authors

Authors are invited to submit their paper in two different forms:
• An abstract (short paper) of 2 to 3 pages,
• Or a full article (long paper) of 5 to 6 pages

Articles will be written in French or English. They must respect the IEEE format Template logistiqua and drop directly on the platform of easychair : Easychair Logistiqua 2018

Access to the communication call : Call for papers

Young researcher awards

The competition rewards the best doctoral contribution for the quality of its research and its original application. The subjects covered by the competition revolve around industrial engineering and logistics.

Two awards are given:
• Prize in engineering sciences,
• Award in Management Science.

Partners / Thanks for your support

Mechanical engineering department of  FST Tangier

Research teams

  • MMC: Mathematical Modeling and Control (FST of Tangier)
  • IMSI: Innovation and Management of Industrial Systems (FST of Tangier)
  • LTI: LaBoratory of Innovative Technologies (ENSA of Tangier)


Diploma courses in Logistics in Tangier:

  •  Logistics and transport (DCA) 
  • SCM and logistic optimization  (DCESS)  


Speakers of the event


Will present a conference under the theme: Demand forecasting in supply chains and the role of human knowledge.

Naoufel Cheikhrouhou is Full Professor of Supply chain, Logistics and Operations Management at the Geneva School of Business Administration- University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland.

Previously, he was leading the Operations Management research group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL). He graduated from the School of Engineers of Tunis and received his PhD in Industrial Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology in 2001.

His main research interests are modelling, simulation and optimisation of enterprise networks, human factors in production management and the reduction of management complexity in logistics and service industry, for which Dr. Cheikhrouhou received the Burbidge Award in 2003 and BG Ingenieurs conseil in 2013.

 Leading different projects with the collaboration of national and international industrial companies, Naoufel Cheikhrouhou published more than 100 papers in scientific journals and conferences and regularly acts as keynote speaker in academic and industrial international conferences.


Will present  a conference under the theme: Which ROI for your SCM project? Sell your Advanced Planning System project internally.

Philippe CONSTANT, Associated Professor, Supply Chain and industrial management, Planning & Change Management expert.

Philippe worked for 10 years in the industry (Renault, Pirelli Cables, ..) in Production, Supply Chain & Quality Management positions, with project & operational responsibilities (Project Manager MRP.2 & Orga Workshop, Implementation of MES tool, ISO9001 Quality Assurance Project Manager, Quality and Logistics Manager). Then, within the Logistics France department, he led the recasting of the planning processes (Forecasts, PIC, PDP, Ordo, inventory control) of several divisions.

From 1998 Philippe held positions of Business Consultant functions within Production and Supply Chain editors (i2, JDEdwards-Oracle) and, since 2005, Director of Consulting on Supply Chain & Industrial Management missions (Demand Management , planning – PIC / PDP / Ordo, Logistics, CDC and software selection, industrial diagnostics and MES project, supply chain quality diagnosis, logistics quality audit and production ….), first within Piwan France, then within wiZe consulting that was be created by himself  in 2012.

Philippe, graduated engineer from École Centrale Lille 1988, is also Associated Professor ‘Supply Chain’ at CNAM Paris. He designs and delivers training modules in Industrial Management and Planning for many companies and universities. www.wizeconsulting.fr

 Maria del Mar Cerban Jimenez

Will present a conference under the theme: The competitiveness of the port logistics chain.

-Since 2011, she holds the position of Professor of Inter-University Master in management, port planning and intermodal départeùent in the general economy in the Superior Polytechnic School of the University of Cadiz.

-Since 2001 she has been a member of the research group “Transport and Innovation Economics” of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

– From 2011 to 2012, she held the position of Academic Director of the University of Cadiz Interuniversity Master in Port Management and Planning and Intermodality.

– In June 2011, she was Visiting Professor in Master of Maritime Affairs at the International Maritime University of Panama. Port Management Module.

-In 2011, she participated in a project titled “Time Studies of the Border Inspection Point of the Port of Algeciras” with Ignacio Turias. At the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Gibraltar.

– In 2009-2010, she participated in the project entitled “Economic Impact of the Port of Algeciras“, with Daniel Coronado and Manuel Acosta. At the port of Algeciras Bay.



Will present a conference under the theme: Social Capital Mobilization: Which Role in Supply Chain Management and Which Prospects for Research.

Doctor  Tarik SAIKOUK is currently Professor-Researcher at the Rabat Business School (RBS),  at the International University of Rabat and also visiting professor at the ESC Rennes in France. He is also responsible for the International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Master at the RBS.

Also, Head of the IL & SCM Master in Initial Training and Head of the Executive Master in Global Supply Chain Ecosystem in partnership with SNTL in Morocco and founding member of the Moroccan association of the aeronautical supply chain.

He has published several book chapters internationally, participated in several international scientific conferences and co-authored several articles and scientific and professional reports.

Dr SAIKOUK Tarik was a member of the National Traceability Cluster in Valence, France, where he mainly worked on the implementation of RFID technology and synthetic DNA for forest traceability.

He is currently working on the first project funded by ICARDA (90 thousand US dollars) for the study of the supply chain of legumes in Morocco and a second project financed by the Moroccan state (3 million MAD) to analyze the chain value of the date palm in Morocco.


Moroccan Student-researcher

900 MAD

Moroccan researchers and




500MAD (Including restoration fees)

Foreign Student-Researcher




1500 MAD
  • Additional charges for publication in  IEEE Xplore DIGITAL LIBRARY : 150 MAD per paper

Payment terms

  • Formula 1: Recommended

Advance payment of fees posted on the site, by bank transfer before April 18, 2018 to the following bank account:

-007 640 0002448000000511 11


– Opened at : ATTIJARIWAFA BANK,  agency of Bir Anzarane, TANGIER, MOROCCO

For example, for Moroccan research students: 900 Dh

For more details on the bank account, please consult the following link: bank account 

  • Formula 2: 

On-site payment with the addition of a 300 DH surcharge

For example, for Moroccan research students: 1200 Dh

Program of the event

Access into the preliminary program of the event in PDF version

preliminary program


Thursday April 26th

  • 8h – 9h15: Registration of participants
  • 9h15 – 9h30: Opening speeches (Vice-President of the UAE “Research” & Dean of the FST & Director of ENSAT))
  • 9h30 – 10h15 : Plenary conference 1 « Demand forecasting in supply chains and the role of human knowledge » CHEIKHROUHOU Naoufel . Professor of Supply Chain, Logistics and Operations Management at the Graduate School of Commerce in Geneva (Switzerland).
  • 11h – 11h30: Coffee break
  • 10h15 – 11h: Plenary conference 2 : «Which ROI for your SCM project? Sell in-house your Advanced Planning System project» CONSTANT Philippe, Associated Professor, Expert SCM.
  • 11h30 – 12h45 : Industrial Panel under the theme : « Logistics of tomorrow »
  • 13h – 14h30: Lunch break
  • 14h30 – 16h30 : Sessions I (4 parallel workshops)
    • Workshop 1 : Supply Chain Management
    • Workshop 2 : Hospital Logistics
    • Workshop 3 : Production and Maintenance
    • Workshop 4 : Sustainable logistics
  • 16h30 – 17h: Coffee break/ Poster Session
  • 17h – 19h: Sessions II (4 parallel workshops)
    • Workshop 1 : Transport and logistics
    • Workshop 2 : Logistics and Organization
    • Workshop 3 : Logistics and Decision Making
    • Workshop 4 : Evaluation & Performance


 Friday, April 27 th

  • 15h30 – 17h: Sessions IV (3 parallel workshops)
    • Workshop 1 : Logistics Outsourcing / Logistics Modeling
    • Workshop 2 : Lean and Logistics
    • Workshop 3 : Logistics and Organization
  • 9h – 9h45: Plenary conference 1: «The competitiveness of the port logistics chain » DEL MAR CERBAN Jimenez Maria. Professor of Interuniversity Master in Management, Port Planning and Intermodal Department in General Economics at the Polytechnic School of the University of Cadiz.
  • 9h45 – 10h30 : Plenary conference 2 : «Social Capital Mobilization: What Role in Supply Chain Management and What Research Prospects?» SAIKOUK Tarik. Professor-Researcher at the Rabat Business School (RBS), at the International University of Rabat and also visiting teacher at the ESC Rennes in France.
  • 10h30 – 11h: Coffee break
  • 11h – 13h: Sessions III (4 parallel workshops) 
    • Workshop 1 : Transport and logistics
    • Workshop 2 : Hospital Logistics
    • Workshop 3 : Production & Maintenance / Urban Transport
    • Workshop 4 : Logistics and business
  • 13h45 – 15h15 : Lunch break
  • 17h30 – 18h: Closing speechs
  • 20h00  :  Gala Dinner (Inscription + Fees 300 DH)


Saturday, April 28th

  • 09h00 – 13h: TANGER-MED port visit (Inscription + Fees 150 DH)


Access into Parallel sessions program

Access into Poster session program

NB:The PowerPoint presentations for doctoral students will be 10 minutes each (French or English) plus 5 minutes of discussion.

Location of the event /Hotel solazur Tangier

Hotel kenzi Solazur Tangier
Avenue Mohammed VI,
Tanger, Morocco
+212 5393-48383

Contact US

For more information, send your message to: Logistiqua2018@gmail.com

Contacts :
Pr. M. FOURKA / FST – Tangier – GSM: 0661079725/mfourka@hotmail.com
Pr. F. JAWAB / USMBA- FEZ-GSM:0660115022/fouad.jawab@usmba.ac.ma ou jawabf@gmail.com

Visit Tangier

Tangier is a city in northern Morocco, the second largest economic city of Morocco, capital of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region. Located at the extreme northwest of the country on the Straits of Gibraltar, the city is located 24 kilometers from the Spanish coast. It occupies the place to the rank of third Moroccan city by the number of inhabitants after Casablanca and Fez.


The Caves of Hercules

The caves of Hercules are 14 kilometers from the White City. It is a beautiful and amazing place with a particular archeology.

Small Socco

The Petit Socco, translated by the small souk, is a place full of history where many famous people of Tangiers came to contemplate the beauty of the district.

El Hafa coffee

Since 1920  El Hafa coffee  has welcomed Tangiers and visitors who wish to enjoy a tea while admiring the view from one of its terraces

Achakar Beach – Cape Spartel

The beach of Achakar is located about twenty kilometers from downtown Tangier.

Museum of Al Kasbah

The Al Kasbah Museum occupies what was the Sultan’s Palace (Dar Mekhzen) and the Treasury in the XVIIIth century

The American Legation

Offered in 1821 to the United States of America by the Sultan Moulay Slimane, this building was a consulate for 135 years.

Forbes Museum

Within the walls of the Palais Mendoub is the Forbes Museum, erected by the American billionaire of the same name.

Museum of Antiquities

The Museum of Antiquities of Tangier is also located in Dar El-Makhzen as the Moroccan Arts Museum, not far from the Place de la Kasbah.

Cervantes Theater

Inaugurated just 100 years ago, the Cevantes Theater, more commonly known as the Gran Teatro Cervantes, marks the memory of a glorious time for Tangier culture.

Mausoleum of Ibn Battouta

The mausoleum of the writer-traveler Ibn Battouta is located in the medina of Tangier.

Tombs of the Phoenicians

Between the ancient medina of Tangier and the district of Marshan, these tombs form a necropolis dating back to the time when the Phoenicians were settled in Tangier.

Ruin of the town of Cotta

Facing the ocean and not far from the caves of Hercules, the site of Cotta dates from the first century BC




Airlines companies


Railway Company

  • Railways National Office (O.N.C.F) : http://www.oncf.ma
    • -Tanger Ville station
    • -Tanger Mghogha station


We invite you to consult the various hotels that are located in the city center and close to the venue of the event.

Hotels 3***


Hotels 4 ****


Hotels 5 *****


Tour program

We offer a guided tour of Tangier Med port, on request, including the following program:

  • Visit of the Mearsk Line Group
  • Visit of the multinational APMTerminalsTangier
  • Visit of the ferry terminal (passengers)
  • Visit of TangerMed I and TangerMed II Logistics Free Zones

NB: places are limited. 

For those interested please contact us via the following email address: azzouzi1959@gmail.com

We offer a guided tour of the city of Tangier, on request, it includes the following program:

  • Discovery of the caves of Hercules, where the legend says that Hercules lived
  • A stroll through the winding alleys of the medina of Tangier, lined with cafes and bazaars.
  • Visit of the famous Kasbah, decorated with mosaics, wooden sculptures and stucco works.
  • Awakening Spain on the other side of the Mediterranean.
  • The joy of admiring breathtaking views from the Cape Spartel promontory, formerly known as the “Cape of the Vines”.
  • Shopping break on the Berber market of Sidi Bouabid.

NB: places are limited. 

For those interested please contact us via the following email address: azzouzi1959@gmail.com

  • New deadline for submission of full article : 10/02/2018